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encino dentistAt Encino Dentist, we’ve tackled the highly-technical field of Dental Implant Therapy.  A Dental Implant is an artificial tooth that replaces not only your tooth but your root as well.  The implant looks, functions, and feels exactly like your original tooth but is actually more durable and longer lasting than your natural tooth.  There are several types of dental implants; but the osseointegrated dental implant is the most common and involves an implant into the jaw bone.  After a sufficient time has gone by the bone should grow around the implant, allowing the artificial tooth to be placed onto the implant. 

Dental implants are a viable solution to those suffering from missing or degenerating teeth or jaw bone.  Whether you have lost one or all of your teeth, dental implant therapy is a beautiful, lasting solution that will allow you to live your life normally without the inconvenience of dentures, crowns, or bridges.  Dental Implant Therapy also eliminates the pain associated with missing or degenerating teeth that is often only exacerbated by the use of dentures, crowns, or bridges.   

If you are suffering from missing or degenerating teeth, dental implant therapy may be a viable solution for you.  Contact your Encino Dentist today and get started on finding the dental treatment plan that works for you.  Your pain free, beautiful smile is just a call away!




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encino dentistMany thanks for helping me smile once again. Everyone in your office has been very kind and helpful.  For many years I suffered from cracked and yellowed teeth, but thanks to your amazing staff, I have the most incredible veneers and no one can tell!  Thank you so much.
- Rachel S., Westhills, CA 

encino dentistI am a patient of Dr. John Chaves. I agree with the comments that I’ve read about your service and care; your team is absolutely the best  I’ve always dreaded going to the dentist, but with Dr. Chaves he made me feel comfortable and I wouldn’t trust another dentist with my smile!
- Marie T., Encino, CA

encino dentistLiving in Los Angeles, there is such a hyper focus on looks and appearances and it seemed to be the pitch line of every dentist I encountered.  And as much as I wish the look of my smile was my biggest concern, I was dealing with far more severe issues; such as the nerves in my teeth being exposed- a result of grinding my teeth at night, as well as several teeth in dire need of either root canals or dental crowns.  Dr. Chaves was the first dentist I encountered whose primary concern was my dental health.  For the first time in years brushing my teeth is no longer a painful ordeal and I can enjoy a hot coffee and cold bite of ice cream without cringing.  Thank you Dr. Chaves for giving me my life back.
- Lanie F., San Francisco, CA

encino dentistDr. Chaves I can’t thank you enough for the most incredible smile.  I’ve always had teeth that were never quite crooked enough for braces, but enough to really bother me.  Especially in my industry, where on a daily basis my first impression can make or break a relationship with a new client.  I have a newfound confidence and it feels so good to hear the never-ending stream of compliments.
- Eliza M., Canoga, CA 

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Dr. Chaves and his highly-trained dental staff have been creating new smiles for residents of Encino, CA and the greater Los Angeles area for over twenty years.  The hard work and dedication of Dr. Chaves and his Encino Dentist team is on display for you in the Smile Gallery.  At Encino Dentist, your brand new smile is just a phone call away.  Contact us for a consultation today

Feel free to browse our Smile Gallery and see just some of the lives of people we at Encino Dentist have touched over the decades!

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